Bibby Turboflex has been recognized as a global leader in the design and manufacture of highly-engineered industrial couplings. Bibby develops reliable and safe power transmission solutions that eliminate downtime and optimize efficiency. World-class Bibby Turboflex product lines include grid, gear and pin & bush couplings, high performance Torsiflex and Turboflex disc couplings plus a wide range of torque limiters and torque limiting modules.

Bibby Turboflex solutions can be found hard at work in a variety of key markets including power generation, metals, oil & gas and food & beverage on applications such as pumps, conveyors, gearboxes, fans & blowers, compressors, printing presses, gas & steam turbines, generators, ball mills, extruders and marine/offshore platforms. Through Bibby Turboflex, customers access world-class engineering solutions, designed for the transmission industry including:

  • Products suitable for adverse environments requiring extremely high resilience for general-purpose applications
  • Models adjusted for long-span or critical applications
  • All types of couplings, with thousands of operational units
  • Torque Limiters, Safety Elements and backstop units


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