Q-Marine is supplier of highest quality, highly efficient marine propulsion products and solutions. As distributors for some of the worlds leading marine propulsion companies, Q-Marine can offer performance enhancing products and solutions for most applications.Q-Marine are also designers and manufacturers of quality hi-tech propulsion products and components such as Q-SPD Surface drives and custom propulsion solutions for a wide range of applications such as retractable propeller drives for race yachts, specialized thrust bearing and coupling assemblies and general drive line products.

Q-SPD is a surface-piercing alternative that eliminates traditional compromises commonly experienced with others and brings the same high performance characteristics one expects from surface drive technology, along with many unique and real advantages. Q-SPD surface drive is suited to a wide range of applications and offers a number of advantages over other similar systems.

Design features include

  • Very lightweight thanks to composite construction
  • Lowest maintenance
  • High performance
  • Operator friendly

What makes Q-SPD particularly unique is that it’s main body is a monocoque structure molded by resin infusion of Eglass and CF fabrics, in an epoxy matrix that is temperature cured to create a very accurate, light weight single structural component that is non-corrosive, super strong, robust and reliable. Using light weight composite technologies offers the ability to Style and Form enhanced features that overcome many of the traditional surface drive compromises, as well as eliminating many complexities like trim control, which are simple not needed, hence eliminating vulnerability and reducing maintenance.


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